Subbuteo Top Heading Alex Ingram TOPPS 1976 Ayr Utd Flat celluloid mini
Jim Mug
2018-19 Big League Tab1

Ayr United’s exploit’s over the years have ensured that the club and players have featured in many types of published memorabelia.

Somerset Park has also featured in jigsaw form and many items have been sold at the club shop such as computer mice and mouse mats, pens, rulers and forms of stationary, not to mention a T - shirt with the full seasons results publicised for evermore on the back of the shirt. 

The club team groups have appeared in football magazines, badges and included in National collections such as the Esso Club Badges colelction in the 1970s.

I Love AU1
Celtic (n) 23rd Mar 02 SC SF
Alex Ingram TOPPS 1976
2016 Ayr United FC Logo Coffee Tea mug, Birthday Football Gift
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