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ClubCall wallet cards in team colours and featuring the official club badge were first issued around 1986 to remind fans of their team’s 0898 number.

They were used as part of an initial marketing push with distribution help from the clubs on match days, The attractiveness of the cards appealed to kids who would often adorn their bedroom walls with them in a show of club support, while others looked to create a full collection of all teams and playground swaps were common place in the late 1980s.

This was not the original intention for a BT-operated premium rate service which needed the bill payer’s authorisation and was aimed at a more mature customer base, but it helped to spawn general interest in the service. Fixtures were later added to the reverse side of the cards to assist with retention value among fans and over the years they have become collector’s items which often pop up on auction sites and offered on club message boards.

tn_Clubcall 3 tn_Clubcall 2 card
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tn_Clubcall 1 card
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