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Model Cars

The model car manufacturer Lledo was famous for making model cars with the logo’s of football clubs on them making them collectables for not only Model car enthusiasts but also for those who collected football memorabilia. 

Ayr United were not left out some models have been produced as ‘Code 3’ productions

Lledo models were formed in 1982 by founder of Matchbox Toys Jack Odell OBE, The name Lledo comes from the Odell part of his name spelt backwards, Lledo was taken over by Corgi in 2000 and some ranges dropped or renamed.

In 2008 Corgi was taken over by Hornby, Several ranges have been released over the years and below give a brief outline about each.

The DG or Days Gone range was introduced in 1983, All ranges are based on this range of models, These include Trackside and Showman's ranges created by Corgi but still carry the DG part numbers.

The LP or Lledo Promotionals range was introduced in 1985 with a production run of over 1000 units and are tampo printed.

PV or Promotorvan range, This range allows small runs as the minimum run is only 72 units which are printed on vinyl labels with limited model colours.

SL or Special Licensed range was introduced in 1997, This range is supplied in a branded box.

SP or Stevelyn Promotional range are printed on vinyl labels with production runs between 500 and 1000 units, Unlike the PV range these models are available in any colour.

Code 3 range are any of the above that have been re painted and or re liveried by persons outside the Lledo organisation. 

Runs for these can be of any quantity although usually only 1 or 2 made of a specific model were made. 

Agents usually have these models made to try and sell to companies or  other people buy them to add to their personal collections.

A Model A, Model T, Bullnose Morris and a Rolls Royce are cars that were made in this way with the logo of the Honest men appended.

AUFC Bullnose


AUFC Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce

AUFC Model A

Model ‘A’


Model ‘T’