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D.C Thomson

D. C. Thomson, publishers since 1905 and still going strong. While best known as publishers of the Dandy and Beano, the company gave away football cards, posters and other memorabilia in the 1960s with the Hornet, Hotspur, Victor and Wizard comics.

D.C. Thomson have produced excellent football cards dating back to the early 1920s when they produced cards on team jerseys, which had to be cut out.

In the period from 1953 through to 1970 the Rover Comic, and later the Rover and Wizard, published pictures of 'Football Stars' on their front covers.

In the period from 1965 to 1976 D.C. Thomson issued a number of different stand-up footballers in the Hotspur and Victor comics. The footballers came in sheets, complete with their name on a separate base. The first stand-ups were issued with issues of the Victor comic in January 1965. Sheet 1 had eight players, Sheet 2 had eight players, while Sheet 3 had only four.

DC Thomson 1920s Football Jerseys AYR UNITED

1920 - Football Jerseys - AYR UNITED

The Topical Times was an important publication in terms of the football magazine as we know it today.  It was the first weekly weekly newspaper that featured a high content of football related content.

Topical Times ran in a newspaper format from its first issue on the 18th October 1919 until ending with its 1071st issue on 25th May 1940. It was published by DC Thomson of 12 Fetter Lane,Fleet street,London.

DC Thomson went on to produce the Dandy and Beano.     The cover would usually use a single spot colour-like red.

Whilst not football exclusive, Topical Times was predominantly a football periodical.  A typical issue from the 1930's would feature 16 pages out of the 36 pages overall. Of course they famously produced the glossy Topical Times cards that featured 3 players as a free insert.All for 2 pence.  Ayr United players were published as part of that campaign.

This Topical Times card of T. McGibbon of Ayr United Football Club is from about 1933.

The card measures 10 inches by 7.5 inches.

A cracking piece of history.

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