Subbuteo Top Heading Alex Ingram TOPPS 1976 Ayr Utd Flat celluloid mini
Jim Mug
2018-19 Big League Tab1

One of the hottest collectables in the mainstream, Topps Match Attax cards are football trading cards from Topps football that depict footballers from each season for all of Scotland’s Premiership and Championship clubs and includes ‘star players’, ‘rising stars’ and  ‘top-rated man of the match’ cards.

Apart from being collectibles they were actually used to play your dream team of footballers together in head-to-head matches with friends, or like me, you could just simply expand your Match Attax collection.


Alan Forrest MOM Ayr Utd Back
Alan Forrest MOM Back
Ayr Utd Front
Brian Gilmour Back
Brian Gilmour Brian Gilmour Back
Gary Harkins
Greg Fleming
Jamie Adams Back
Greg Fleming Back
Jamie Adams1
Paddy Boyle Back
Nicky Devlin Nicky Devlin Back Paddy Boyle
Paul Cairney
Paul Cairney Back



Ayr Utd Front1