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Club Mergers

Ayr United were formed in 1910, but the sequence of mergers which ended up in 1910 started some time previously.  This is the ‘family tree’of Ayr United Football Club.

Ayr Thistle 1872


1872 - 1875 Low Green, Ayr

1875 - 1876 Thistle Park (just off Midton Road, Ayr

1876 - 1879 Robbsland Park, Ayrr

Ayr Academy 1872


1872 - 1876 Low Green, Ayr

Ayr Eglinton 1875


1875 - 1876 Old Racecourse, Ayr

Ayr Thistle FC were a football team founded in 1872 in the town of Ayr and later merged with Ayr Academicals FC in 1879 to become Ayr FC, who later merged with Ayr Parkhouse FC in 1910 to become Ayr United FC.

The club had originally played their games onĀ The Low Green before moving to Thistle Park in 1875 and later to Robbsland Park in 1876.

They had also reached the Scottish Cup semi-finals in 1877, although they did lose 9-0 to Vale of LeithenĀ at Kinning Park, then home of Rangers, no other side from the town of Ayr managed to reach the semi-final stage of the competition until Ayr United in 1973, almost a century later.

                              Ayr Academicals 1876                                  (Merger of Ayr Academy and Ayr Eglinton)


1876 - 1877 Mr Dewar’s Cattle Show Field

1877 - 1879 Springvale Park, Ayr

Ayr Academicals Football Club were a football team from the Scottish town of Ayr founded in 1876 by the merger of Ayr Academy FC and Ayr Eglinton FC and later went on to merge with Ayr Thistle FC in 1879 to become Ayr FC.

They had played their early games at Mr. Dewer's Cattle Show Field before moving to Springvale Park in 1877, where Ayr FC continued to play after the merger before moving to Beresford Park in 1884.

Ayr Parkhouse 1886


1886 - Ballantyne Drive, Ayr

1886 - 1888 Old Racecourse, Ayr

1888 - 1910 Beresford Park, Ayr

                          Ayr FC 1879                         (Merger of Ayr Thistle and Ayr Academicals)


1879 - 1884 Springvale Park, Ayr

1884 - 1888 Beresford Park, Ayr

1888 - 1910 Somerset Park, Ayr

Ayr Parkhouse FC were a football club based in the town of Ayr. 'The Parkies' were formed in 1886, they were members of the Scottish Football League until merging with Ayr FC in 1910 to create Ayr United.

The Parkies were first elected in to the Scottish Football League in 1903, ahead of St Johnstone, but then finished bottom of Division Two and therefore had to re-apply for membership to the League. After writing letters to other clubs asking them to consider them for election, the Honourary Match Secretary of Ayr FC wrote a letter in response stating they would "not accede to their request for our support" and later stating "I am also desired to respectfully request your club not extend Parkhouse any support"

Ayr Football Club was a football club from Ayr in Ayrshire, Scotland. Formed in 1879, Ayr merged with Ayr Parkhouse to become Ayr United in 1910.

By the turn of the century Ayr F.C. had also played in various exhibition matches including matches against Sunderland, Preston North End and Bolton Wanderers. In 1884, Ayr F.C. moved the short distance from Springvale Park to Beresford Park at the top of the town (on the site that Odeon now stands).

The club were finally admitted to the Scottish Football League in 1897 and played their first league engagement was a 4-1 home defeat to Glasgow side, Linthouse in the Second Tier in which they would play the next 13 consecutive seasons finishing as high as third in both 1903-04 and 1907-08.

Ayr United 1910

(Merger of Ayr FC and Ayr Parkhouse)


1910 to date